Saint Jude

Daily prayer
to St. Jude

O kindSaint-Jude, our faithful intercessor to Jesus, receive the following special intentions : to present them to the Almighty Lord, Root of all good. Above all, grant us an increase of our faith in His love. May each day find us closer in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. KindSaint-Jude, you who has revived hope in our hearts, you whose model merits and life bring us the divine blessings and graces, be our advocate, and lead us to Jesus and Mary. With you, blessed apostle, we give thanks and praise God with all our heart for His innumerable kindnesses. Amen.

The Monthly Note

March 2013

by Marcel Dumont, OP

Dear friends ofSaint-Jude,

The month of March 2013 will not be without tumult for us and the Church.  Our beloved Pope, Benedict XVI, decided, wisely, to renounce the Chair of Peter and, thus leave to a healthier man, the guidance of the People of God.  His guidance as Pastor of the Universal Church wasn’t without fruits.  In the apostolic letter Porta Fidei (The door of faith), Benedict XVI emphasized the importance to find again a path of faith capable of illuminating the joy there is in meeting Christ, then the coincidence of the Year of Faith with the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The Holy Father also wrote «The Church as a whole and all her Pastors, like Christ, must set out to lead people out of the desert, towards the place of life, towards Friendship with the Son of God, towards the One who gives us life, and life in abundance»

Thanks to him and his inspiration, our Novena of Lent, that will start of the 15th of this month, will have for theme:Walking towards Friendship with Christ. Therefore, with thanksgiving, under the impulse of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate, we will let us be guided during the nine days of the Novena, until March 23rd.  I believe that we will be able, with no trouble, to confide, during our days of meditations, to the intercession of this great pastor of the Church: even if he is not in office, his intercession on the heart of Our Lord will not be diminished.  So, driven by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Father, wishes for us in this Year of Faith, and particularly for us during this Novena of Lent, that the sheep of the flock that we are may march towards life in abundance with Christ.

May the ApostleSaint-Jude, universal pastor himself, intercede for us during our Novena, so that that we may truly enter in Friendship with Christ!  To know what it is to be friends with Jesus, the Son of God! It was, without a doubt, for Benedict XVI, a profound nourishment for his very rich spiritual life, that he passed on to us.  Now, together, let us unite our prayers for his successor…