Saint Jude

Daily prayer
to St. Jude

O kindSaint-Jude, our faithful intercessor to Jesus, receive the following special intentions : to present them to the Almighty Lord, Root of all good. Above all, grant us an increase of our faith in His love. May each day find us closer in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. KindSaint-Jude, you who has revived hope in our hearts, you whose model merits and life bring us the divine blessings and graces, be our advocate, and lead us to Jesus and Mary. With you, blessed apostle, we give thanks and praise God with all our heart for His innumerable kindnesses. Amen.

The Monthly Note

February 2007

The Symbolic of light

by Fr. Jacques Lauzier, OP

«You are the light of the world. » (Mt 5, 14)

In the days following the winter solstice (December 21st), the days have started lengthening. With each day that passes, we will see an increase in light until the summer solstice (June 21st), the longest day of the year.

From the birth of Christ, a little more than 2000 years ago, the spiritual days have also started lengthening. The «Light of the world» entered the pagan world and started making its way in the darkness.  This light will reach its peak when Jesus returns.

For Christians, light is a symbol: it means that there is something greater than them.  This new sense was communicated to them by the first Christians.  As a result of Jesus’ words, and inspired by the Spirit of Pentecost, they understood that Light is the symbol of His presence.  Each time they would meet, they would make Jesus present by lighting a lamp.  The light symbolized His presence. It was a figurative, imaginative and concrete depiction of an «abstract» notion.  Just as the baptism water is the symbol of purification or that Salomon is the symbol of a certain justice.

During the thirteenth century, a symbolic of light slowly started taking shape during Christian celebrations.  It reminded Christians of the «joyous light» of Easter morning, «the true light, which enlightens everyone» (Jn 1, 9).  It is especially true of the Paschal Candle, solemnly lighted during the Easter vigil ceremony.  Lighting candles at home before an image of Christ or Mary is also an ancient custom.  These lighted candles symbolize the prayer of everyone in the household and their will to permanently live under the watchful eye of God. (Feast and Seasons)

In our Oratory, different shapes of candles burn near the Blessed Sacrament, before the statues of Mary,Saint-Jude, Saint John Vianney and Saint Martin de Porres.  Each flame symbolizes the silent prayer that elevates to God.  The prayer of pilgrims who have stopped to pray for a while and/or have lit a candle that will continue to symbolize their prayer, even if they have left.

Lord, you have said:   «You are the light of the world. » (Mt 5, 14).  Help us to illuminate more around us.  Lord God, by presenting you with this light, we offer you the love, patience and devotion of those who have helped us become what we are.  Accept it because all comes from you.  By presenting you with this light, we offer you the love, patience and devotion that will live within us during new year that has just started.

Jacques Lauzier, o.p.